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Arizona State officially announcing D1 plans

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Good for Arizona State and great for college hockey. It's about time the Southwest/Pacific (other than Alaska) had college hockey. I really have to wonder how this will impact the Phoenix Coyotes. The interest in ASU NCAA DI hockey in a legitimate arena (that's the question right now) would be HUGE. Arizona State is BIG TIME. While I'm glad for Greg Powers that he'll remain on in some capacity, Arizona State has the firepower to poach a current NCAA DI coach of note or maybe go after a guy like Cary Eades (who has connections to a lot of Arizona State's natural recruiting base in Western Canada).


I hope that Arizona can follow suit quickly. They already play in a building that can support NCAA DI hockey and Arizona is going to want to be able to keep up with Arizona State. That rival in ACHA play is huge. No other game in the ACHA is better-attended than the Arizona/Arizona State game in Tucson. So, I hope the Wildcats can follow suit.


If Arizona can follow suit shortly thereafter, then you have to start wondering if teams like USC and UCLA and other Pac-12 teams could follow suit, as many of them are in prime hockey areas.


This has the potential to be a huge domino for NCAA Division I hockey. If this leads to a Pac-12 conference, I have to think the Big 12 and the SEC look into following suit, too, to maintain their prestige.


It may take many years for all of this to happen, but it's not impossible that in 20 years we'll have a lot more NCAA DI teams, thanks first to Penn State making Big Ten hockey possible and then depending what happens with the Pac-12.


Main question for ASU is, though, where are they going to play? Old arena downtown that the RoadRunners played in (Arizona Veterans Coliseum)? It makes the most sense for now.

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It only seems natural that Washington and Oregon would follow suit. With all the talk of an NHL team going into Seattle maybe a college team will beat them to the punch.

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