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The Amarillo Bulls, made the sigle largest mistake since the franchise was established. They Hired the wrong guy. Sure he had USHL credentials, but the NA is NOT the USHL. The NA south is about the exact oposit. Consolidate sports had the RIGHT guy in the mix for the HIRE. Rocky Russo. Yes Russo had one year HC experience in the EHL Tier3. BUT he was a KEY factor in why the Bulls had been sucessful. He and Williams have the same coaching philosphies. Few are more astute in recruiting, and scouting than Russo. ( There is a reason he and Williams are still working together with Bloomington.)

Consolidated needs to stop banning Fans from their Facebook page for expressing thier disgust over this MASSIVE FAILURE of a Hire. They need to embrace the reality that they need release their coach right now. Make moves to Bring Russo back in as the Head Coach and right the sinking....stinking ship.


the Bulls have two futures. One they keep this sorry hire, allow him to burn tenders on more bad players, and plan for horrible joke of next year ( attendance is now 1/2 what it had been season tick holder are not coming to games and will not renew, it is far easier to attmidt your wrong and save a ticket holder, than to develop a new in FAILURE) The systems of the game do not fit and the Player types do not work

Two- Bring back Russo- Fire the current coach, name Russo GM now, so he can compete his obligations in Philadelphia, but recruit for Amarillo and make game day decisions now. Thus Restoring the Bulls to their place in the NA south, atop the league, instead of as a JOKE.

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