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NAHL Protected Lists released 9/2/2014

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If you are on a USHL protected list, but currently with a NAHL team or you not going to be on the NA's protected list?

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I believe that an NA team can still have a players rights even if they aren't on the protected list.


For example, there are several players that were in the NA last season and are hoping to make a USHL team this season, and these players are currently on a USHL team's protected list. However, if any of these players are cut from the USHL team & they decide to play in the NA, I believe the team they played for last season would still have their rights.


Assuming these players were well liked by their former NA team, it's a good idea for them to stay in frequent communication with their NA coaches to make sure they have a spot in the NA if things don't work out in the USHL.

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