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NAHL Rankings OCT 24th

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Its always fun to rank the NAHL teams. So here is my full ranking


1. Amarillo

2. Fairbanks

3. Austin

4. Whichita

5.Port Huron

6. Minnesota WIlderness

7. Bismarck

8. Aberdeen

9. Kenai River

10. Topeka

11. Coulee Region

12 Springfield

13. Johnstown

14. Minnesota Magicians

15. Soo

16. Janesville

17 Rio Grand

18. Wenatchee

19. Michigan Warriors

20 Wenatchee

21.. Corpus Christi

22 Lone star

23. Odessa

24. Brookings


Most exciting Teams to watch

Amarillo, Fairbanks, Austin, Wilderness and Topkea


Best games this year

Wilderness Springfield

Amarillo Wichita

Fairbanks Rio Grand

Austin Port Huron

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