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Mr Ricochet

2017-18 Team Preview: Des Moines Buccaneers

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Mr Ricochet    2
Mr Ricochet

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Des Moines – 24 of their 30 players are aged 18 or 19 while 3 are 17 and 3 are 20. They have a balanced recruiting strategy with 6 HS/Prep, 4 from midget hockey, 12 USHL returners and 19 of 30 players with junior hockey experience.

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MadhouseOnHickman    0
21 hours ago, Mr Ricochet said:

Des Moines will have a lot of fresh new faces but could have a big return from returnees.  I look for the Buccaneers to have split duties between Snowden and Kucharski until someone is the clear number one. 

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