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Mr Ricochet

NHL Scouts Discuss the NCDC & Free Hockey on the East Coast

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Mr Ricochet

USPHL Site/Joshua Boyd Link


Found this quote very interesting from a Canadiens scout.



Berglund, of the Canadiens, said the USPHL has been able to fill a bit of a void in New England where over the past couple decades, in his opinion, prep school and high school hockey has declined in overall skill level.


“I’ve been here for a long time now, 20 years scouting, and I have seen a decline in the play at the high school and prep programs. This program [the NCDC] gives the top kids a greater alternative,” Berglund added.
Then goes on to say the kids won't have to leave home anymore to play at a level that will get them seen.


He said that the elite players in New England and the rest of the Northeastern U.S. won’t have to leave home to pursue their dreams, as the NCDC will compete with the leagues for which they had been leaving home.


“If they want to make that final push to be a NCAA Division 1 player and maybe go beyond, they had to leave their comfort zone they’re used to, in order to move up a level,” said Berglund


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