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Mr Ricochet

Steel announcer Rob Sanderson does The Bagskate Hockey podcast

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Mr Ricochet

Hats off to Rob, the interviewer as well, as this was 42 minutes of an excellent recap of the season and not just about the Steel but the whole league, it's players last year and who to look for next year. I'd have liked for this to be done after the Steel post their 30 man cuz Rob keeps some things close to the vest as far as next year's roster goes. ............ IMO this shows that Rob with his recall, objectivity and easy manner shows how much a pro he is. Well done.


An absolute must listen for a Steel fan and a good one for a fan of other teams or the league. Link


Amazing the Steel had zero wins during the regular season when down after 2 periods but got two in the series vs DBQ. Incredible stat and that close to not getting out of the Semis.


Another just as amazing factoid was during the season the Steel had ONE player, Lutz, in the top 20 in league scoring. Then come the playoffs and they ended with 7 in the top 10. This horse was trained to peak for the Triple Crown races.

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