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Mr Ricochet

Top 100 NCAA NHL Prospects

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Mr Ricochet

Chris, you don't like goalies? I sure couldn't put together a list but Demko at 48 and Cal Petersen at 51? ........


Always have been a Mark Freidman fan and the few times I saw Loo when he and McCoshen played together I thought he was every bit as effective at the USHL level as Ian was. No he doesn't have the skills McCoshen has but the kid moves nicely and has a helluva an IQ.


LaDue fits the LA style like a glove.


On record the millisecond after the Hawks drafted Schmaltz instead of Fabrri, who was still on the board, it was a mistake. STL grabbed Fabrri with the very next pick.


Always was a fan of Ytown's big centerman Max Letunov. Helluva rookie year at UCONN.


Matt Iacopelli, CHI 3rd rounder, hasn't done a thing since he set the USHL record for goals scored and isn't even ranked by Mr Dilks. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=145630

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