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AHL teams playing games of musical chairs.

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Growing up around these two teams as a kid, it's both hilarious and tragic at the same time...


So, Arizona buys the Springfield AHL franchise and moves them to Tucson(lol), leaving Springfield, where the AHL has a long history and is headquartered, without a team.


But hold the phone!


In comes Portland, who decides to sell their franchise to a group of investors in Springfield! AHL hockey returns, without missing a season!





Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling learned of the plans when a reporter called him with questions late Wednesday afternoon. Strimling said the city had not been contacted by anyone from the Pirates organization about the pending move of the minor-league hockey team.


Strimling said taxpayers should be upset that they helped pay for a $34 million renovation of the arena in 2013, only to see its anchor tenant leave without warning a few years later.


“Tens of millions of dollars went into that facility,” he said. “When taxpayers put that much money into a project we should have at least been called to the table.”


Also, if you read that article, you'll see that the guy who pulled the rug out from underneath the Springfield fans, their former owner who sold Springfield to Arizona, Charlie Pompea, put in one of the competing bids to...buy the Portland team! And keep them in Portland, so his daughter could keep her job(that she had with Springfield)...But the winning bid included a group with Bruce Landon(the absolute face of hockey in Springfield)...who worked for Pompea! You. Can't. Make. This. Up.


Did I mention, Portland's NHL affiliate, Florida, was completely out of the loop on all of this?






"I was informed by Portland CEO Ron Cain today that he has signed a letter of intent to sell the Pirates pending league approval," Florida Panthers Executive Chairman Peter Luukko said. "We will be in contact with the American Hockey League regarding the sale process. In the meantime, Florida will begin exploring all our options to put our players in the very best developmental situation. We have enjoyed the city of Portland, the venue and the incredible fan support.”

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Show, sometimes it's cheaper to move a franchise than to end it, buy another, and start that one up from the ground floor. It's probably due to taxes, incorporation costs, etc. It's really expensive to shut down a company and start up another one.


That another franchise has agreed to move in without a hitch shows that it's cheaper for them, too, to pull up roots from a market that's not doing as well as expected and plunk themselves down into a hockey-rich market. Again, it's all financially-based. It sounds like the AHL wants to remain in Portland, Maine, and it also wants to be in Springfield, Massachusetts. The cheapest way to do this is to move "organizations" around in this crazy way.


It sounds freaky, but don't view it as a weakness or whatever. It's just paper-based accounting: how to do what everybody wants at the smallest cost possible. It's really, really expensive to end an (incorporated) business and start up a new one. There are attorney and accountant fees and legal things to jump through, blah blah blah ad infinitum. It sounds like your old team will take up its task of beating the Grand Rapids Griffins (good look on that, I might add) without a hitch. Continue being a fan!

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I'm not doubting what you saying, just check out the quotes though...


Who knew this was going down?


Not the Portland mayor: “I’m very disappointed that they are leaving and that the city was left out of the conversation,” Strimling said during an impromptu news conference at CIA, where the Pirates have played since 1993. “It is going to have a terrible impact on our local economy.”

Or The players: “That’s a complete shock,” said Mike McKenna, the winningest goaltender in Pirates’ history. “Just the worst news I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

Or The Pirates COO: Earlier in the day, Brad Church, the Pirates’ chief operating officer, said he had no details of a sale and was unaware of potential buyers.

Or The Pirates GM: “Our objective was to stay in Portland,” he said Wednesday evening. “We felt at home up there. Guys are broken up about it.”

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