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Found 1 result

  1. NAHL ranking and thoughts.

    Its been a while since I posted one of my rankings. As I recover from the long weekend, I thought now was a good time for a diversion. 1. Fairbanks- Ask anyone and they will tell the same thing, Fairbanks is in mid season today. This means they a solid month ahead of every other team NEAR them in ability. Welcome to life in the microscope boys. I imagine that NCAA programs will be sending personnel to Minnesota and the AJHL showcase this weekend. 2. Topkea- Its interesting when think about it. Harry Mahood...Topkea couldn't get it done in Topkea. Won the South, but couldn't win a Robertson, then Joined the Bulls Tandem of WIlliams and Russo and they won the Robertson, yet now in his First full season and Ruso gone the Bulls are a mess. I am superstitious fellow, goalies always are, this guy is bad luck. Good news is Topkea is stellar, and in a tight south division should finish strong. 3. Kenai River - Geoff Beauparlant. All you need to know about the Brown Bears. As far as Coaches go, it doesn't get more real than Beau. Just as jr hockey doesnt get more competitive than the NA south and new NA Midwest divisions. The Midwest I predict will be deemed the most competitive division top to bottom when all is said and done. Hold the most diversity in players playing styles, and have the most NCAA d1and d3 commitments in the NA, and all the attention, quality of play and overall competitiveness is business as usual for Beau. 4. Austin- Austin has some holes, but its September and not every team is blessed as the top 3. Austin sits atop a list of teams with great starts and a long long road to fix problems. Austin will likely win out in the central if IF they maintain and progress, a set back I predict flips things to Bismark. 5. Port Huron. This club will glide to an NA north Championship...as long as the wheels dont fall off the cart. The team has a history of wild ass crazy ownership and managing issues so I hold my breath, but I dont see the Warriors amounting to a lot. The Warriors are like Cleveland Browns, where its always about next year, and one or two players. Those guys recruit only based on where guys have been, not at all about where they are going, and that is why they stumble. As for Johnstown, they will slide here, into November untill they get their rooster settled. They lost some good guys passed on others but have a foundation. They accumulate what they need but they will fall to near last place then climb. Springfield will rise early then fade, Janesville go up a bit then down. The north looks today, about how it will at the end. 6. at 2-0 and 2 OTL I feel the Wilderness may be the most interesting team. New Club and they will have challanges, but they have made moves and have the right talent. This weekend with Fairbanks in town, ( talk about going big for the home opener) they stand the chance to set the tone for their fans. Like most Ill be there for this pair of games.