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  2. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    I am guessing this must have had something to do with the game being broadcast on local tv. Maybe not enough bandwidth for everything.
  3. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Lancers need to learn how to create their own offense. They are ineffective if opponents aren't making mistakes. They spend a lot of time in their own end. Penalties are becoming a problem as they're struggling to keep up. Des Moines was solid tonight, and Omaha barely even touched the puck.
  4. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Steel get a big win 6-2 over the streaking Jacks. Just a January win but more of a statement win for the Steel IMO having lost the last 3 to Muskegon. ... Just not the Jacks night with some sloppy passing and coverage, Karki was off but no doubt the Steel were the better club on this night in all phases.
  5. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Cole Weaver shuts out GB on the road. 3-0 Saints New guy from the WJC Durney and the Bucs shutout Omaha on the road, 3-nuttin.
  6. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Hak sizzles one top shelf on the PP from a tough angle. 5-2, 6:36 of the 3rd.
  7. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Atta boy Pietro and Mastro...........
  8. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Fargo was horrendous tonight with the puck. Couldn't make a pass to save their lives, bobbling the puck all night. Usually it is the other team disrupting things but a lot of those passes were unimpeded.
  9. USHL Picks 1/21/18 (Sunday)

    Lincoln @ C Illinois ........... Linc 1 Cedar Rapids @ Des Moines .... CR 2
  10. USHL Picks 1/20/2018 (Saturday)

    Sioux Falls @ USA U17 ...... SF 6 Tri-City @ Youngstown ...... TC 7 Dubuque @ Cedar Rapids ...... CR 2 USA U18 @ Chicago ..........Chic 5 Omaha @ Des Moines ...... Oma 1 Sioux City @ Fargo ........ Fargo 8 Madison @ Green Bay ....... Mad 3 Musky @ Waterloo .......... Musky 4
  11. USHL Picks 1/20/2018 (Saturday)

    USA U17 5 Tri-City 8 Cedar Rapid 7 USA U18 6 Des Moines 2 Fargo 1 Madison 4 Waterloo 3
  12. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Dugan a post, Gratton gets behind Bukes, sprung by Magera, Borgiel stops the 5 hole attempt.
  13. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Borgiel: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=283947
  14. USHL Picks 1/20/2018 (Saturday)

    Sioux Falls @ USA U17....SIOUX FALLS 7 Tri-City @ Youngstown.....TRI CITY 8 Dubuque @ Cedar Rapids.... CEDAR RAPIDS 3 USA U18 @ Chicago...U18 6 Omaha @ Des Moines.....OMAHA 5 Sioux City @ Fargo.....FARGO 4 Madison @ Green Bay.... GREEN BAY 1 Musky @ Waterloo.....WATERLOO 2
  15. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Jacks exiting, poor drop pass by Hak, McL in alone hooked the whole way by Yakeranko, no call, shot wide, Jack come out, enter, Hak shot wide far side, Hak gathers his missed shot, backhand feed to Yank at the point, jumps his stick with Shore pressuring, Shore off to the races, simple forehand backhand 5 hole. 5-1, 11:48 of the 2nd............. Karki yanked, 17 yr old 2000 Borgiel makes his USHL debut. Jacks are the only club to have two 2000 goalies.
  16. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Steel 2 posts 11 minutes into the 2nd.
  17. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    SOG 11-9 Steel 1/2 into this game. Still 4-1.
  18. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Cruthers goes with the Vid line vs the Hak line right after the PP goal. Steel out and up, Vid takes it hard to the net with a Dman draped on him, Karki weak on it, gets thru, goalie interference called, not sure on that call but if it must be I'll take it with a 4-1 lead.......... If I'm LaFontaine I yank Karki. Shaky on everything.
  19. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Karki flashing that sub .900 SPG form. Steel move it around a bit, McL takes a feed from Lilli inside the Bline, skates up, from the top of the left circle simply wrists it past Karki short side. 4-1, 30 seconds into the 2nd.
  20. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Bad Sullivan slash 185 feet from his net as the buzzer sounds to end the 1st. 3-1 Steel will start the 2nd on the PP. SOG 6-6..........Great game for the fan so far. Everything is contested early on but I'm sure there will be a few Jack pushes before this is over. Steel are aggressive my guess is LaFontaine will try and exploit that. McL-Shore-Dugan Walker-Abru-Bucek Mastro-Vid-Deyfert Gratton-Stevens-Magera Lilli-Pietro Dash-Stucker Kokilla-Spetz Buechler I've like Walker 4th line game the last 7-8-9 games. Showing awareness and comfort with some games. I'd guess his fancy stats are solid. Interesting that he's exchanged spots with Gratton although as mentioned I like any 4th line matchup for Gratton with his wheels.
  21. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    M Del G slithers thru 4 Steel, backhander, Autio stands tall.
  22. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    New guy Russian Dman Yakovenko on the #1 PP unit with Bukes on the point. .......... Atta boy, Mastro!!
  23. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Steel coming in waves, Dmen jumping in, Jacks have no answers, YET. 70-30 zone time, Steel.
  24. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    This line and matchup strikes again at 14:15. Stucker dumps, all 3 forwards in on the forecheck, Seyfert back to Dash at the point, exhange passes between Dmen, Dash wrists on from the point, knocked down in the crease, Seyfert a shot, save, rebound scramble, my guy Mastro collects the thing, spins, tape to tape to a rushing Daschke, zipped over a stumbling Karki. 3-1...........
  25. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Bradford: Steel's Daschke leads all Dmen with 71 shots.
  26. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Gratton on the 4th line. Kid should see some nice matchups there.........
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