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  2. USHL Picks 1/20/2018 (Saturday)

    Sioux Falls @ USA U17..............SF-3 Tri-City @ Youngstown..............TC-7 Dubuque @ Cedar Rapids.........DUB-2 USA U18 @ Chicago.................CHI-1 Omaha @ Des Moines...............OMA-6 Sioux City @ Fargo....................FAR-8 Madison @ Green Bay..............GB-4 Musky @ Waterloo..................WAT-5
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  4. USHL GDT (Friday 1/19)

    Scoreboard Tri-City @ Youngstown USA U18 @ Cedar Rapids Musky @ Chicago Sioux City @ Fargo Dubuque @ Green Bay Des Moines @ Omaha Sioux Falls @ C Illinois Waterloo @ Lincoln
  5. USHL GDT (Thursday 1/18)

    Madison keeps rolling, win 5-3 for their 6th in a row........ Saints have to be happy new guy Bovbel scored, had 3 shots and a +2. But big acquisition from Finland Maccelli in 5 games has no points, TWO shots and is a -5. From what I can tell he's had top 6 minutes.
  6. USHL Picks 1/18/18 (Thursday)

    it worked out for you.
  7. USHL Picks 1/18/18 (Thursday)

    My bad. That is what happens to me when I pick to early.
  8. Rosters

    Aces Site Bradley Marek added to Flying Aces 23-man roster http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=370261
  9. Rosters

    Jacks Site/Bradford Jacks add forward Jagger Joshua
  10. Week 15 Articles From Around The USHL

    Kearney Hub/Dan Zielinski Storm making moves to give a boost to the offense http://www.kearneyhub.com/sports/local/storm/storm-making-moves-to-give-a-boost-to-the-offense/article_7101030c-fc70-11e7-920f-cb95e3a7d084.html
  11. USHL GDT (Thursday 1/18)

    8:00 into the 2nd, Saints exit with a beauty pass off the wall with his back turned by Pietila, a full stride Steeves swoops, carries it in on a 2 on 1, cross feed in the high slot, Virtanen buries it. 2-1, Caps.
  12. trade updates

    Stars Site Stars Acquire Logan Jenuwine From Fargo Logan Jenuwine : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=385194 Hunter Johannes : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=379289
  13. USHL GDT (Thursday 1/18)

    2nd starts with DBQ on the PP for 30 seconds, killed, Caps get control, bring it out along wall, bad line change, Pulp laaaaaaaaate, play at the other wall, chipped off the boards to Callin, flys in alone due to poor line change, beats Weaver. 2-zero, Caps :53 into the 2nd.
  14. USHL Picks 1/19/2018 (Friday)

    Tri-City @ Youngstown.....TRI CITY 6 USA U18 @ Cedar Rapids....U18 7 Musky @ Chicago....MUSKEGON 2 Sioux City @ Fargo.....FARGO 5 Dubuque @ Green Bay..... DUBUQUE 1 Des Moines @ Omaha.....OMAHA 4 Sioux Falls @ C Illinois.... SIOUX FALLS 8 Waterloo @ Lincoln.....WATERLOO 3
  15. USHL Picks 1/21/18 (Sunday)

    Lincoln 2 Cedar Rapids 1
  16. USHL GDT (Thursday 1/18)

    New guy Bovbel from the Belarus WJC team was playing on the Saints PP, from what I can tell 2nd unit playing the right wall in the diamond set up. ....... 1-0 Caps, 5 minutes left in the 1st as Madison goes for 8 in a row.
  17. Week 15 Articles From Around The USHL

    USHL Site The U-Show 2017-18 | The U-Show | Episode 51 (Julie Robenhymer/Anthony Del Gaizo)
  18. Week 15 Articles From Around The USHL

    LSJ/Steve Gunn Lumberjacks’ red-hot Anthony Del Gaizo suddenly leading USHL scoring race (tons of Jacks Scoop) Bad news about Bongiovanni. saw the toe pick into the end wall and it was nasty. Damn lucky he was able to turn his head so as not go in head first. Bright side, he'll have rested legs when the playoffs come around.
  19. USHL Picks 1/18/18 (Thursday)

    2nd entry in the same thread. Madison was the original pick and that's the one we'll use. "If you make multiple posts for the same day I will only pay attention to your first post. I will ignore any additional posts. If you wish to change your picks please edit your original post prior to the games starting."
  20. USHL Picks 1/18/18 (Thursday)

    Rico 0 Maiden 0 CaseMag 0 Smalt21 1 MSgt 1 DMBucs 0 Captamer7 0 BigFoot 0 Seat 18 1 AyziggyZomba 0 hockeyboy 1 SaintsFan 22 0 EaglesFan 0
  21. USHL GDT (Thursday 1/18)

    Saints Site/Jordan Kuhns FIVE THINGS TO KNOW: Saints vs. Capitols 1/18 Very nice work to set the game up, Mr Kuhns.
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  23. Scoreboard Dubuque @ Madison
  24. USHL Picks 1/18/18 (Thursday)

  25. Rosters

  26. USHL Picks 1/21/18 (Sunday)

    Lincoln @ C Illinois....................LIN-2 Cedar Rapids @ Des Moines........CR-1
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