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  2. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    He was cut and a FA pickup for CR. I love everything about this kid. He plays with such tenacity and fearlessness. I was told his brother Jack (USHL defenseman of the year) said Roman' s hands are better than his. If you have seen Jack play, you know that is high praise. There is a 3rd brother coming up that is gonna be a good one too...Grant.
  3. My collection of jerseys!

    Finally got around to uploading my collection! https://www.flickr.com/photos/102362696@N07/albums
  4. USHL Picks 12/10 (Sunday)

    Rico 0 Maiden 0 CaseMag 0 Smalt21 0 MSgt 0 DMBucs 0 Captamer7 0 BigFoot 0 Seat 18 1 AyziggyZomba. 0 hockeyboy 1 SaintsFan 22 0 EaglesFan 0
  5. USHL GDT (Friday 12/8)

    I think the no call was probably correct since no one was really impeded on the play. At the time it seemed wring to ride for so long but probably got the worst of it physically when he was dropped off.
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  7. USHL GDT (Friday 12/8)

    Really nice weekend for the Riders, Andy. Watching them mob the goalie after beating CHI says much. This group is so depleted yet are obviously working hard all week but they don't get rewarded often enough. You saw the Steel coming in the 3rd and so did the Riders. Easy to envision the Steel would get one in the 3rd but Pietella and the Riders were just good enough........... Then clubbing the rival Saints the next night. Nice weekend for Carlson's group and their fans.
  8. USHL GDT (Friday 12/8)

    Thanks for linking this up. Can't say I remember ever seeing this before but to my eye it was good hockey by both players. The Force kid was trying to outside in him and the Loo player knew that and stayed to the inside not allowing his body to do so. ........ Don't know if you make a call on that but if so I guess interference.
  9. USHL GDT (Friday 12/8)

    I really enjoyed this guys call, made the game fun even though my side was shutout......... Has a humorous not so serious side to his call. Said we need to keep 1/2 an eye on Autio to see if he gets pulled for an extra attacker.
  10. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Was he a cut or did they trade for Ahcan? He was solid and played top 6 for CI in the preseason.
  11. Composite stats of players from last 2yrs from elite prospects. USA, Canada, Sweden &Finland; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gTJ0S2Ckx-BbeJy3EkpxExt9PMquxdCm5ENhSudU13Y/edit
  12. Lincoln @ Madison Scoreboard
  13. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    After watching both Muskegon games this weekend on hockeytv I have to say I don’t think anyone in the league plays more than Gamblers Josh Dunne! I swear that kid is out their every other shift!
  14. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Figured we might see a couple of these after the Stampede and Phantoms had a "spirited" game last night. With :23 left in the first YT's Thompson takes a 5 minute Major for an elbow.
  15. World Jr. A Challange

    The US site for the tournament with the schedule and stats: http://teamusa.usahockey.com/page/show/3722703-2017-world-jr-a-challenge Canada's site is easier to read and has the full tournament schedule: https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/national-championships/men/world-junior-a/2017/stats/schedule?tournament=true US roster: http://teamusa.usahockey.com/page/show/3785534-u-s-roster The US opens vs Czech Republic on Monday.
  16. Week 9 Articles From Around The USHL

    USHL Hockey Ops‏ @USHLHockeyOps 2h2 hours ago SUSPENSION: @TriCityStorm D Ronnie Attard has been suspended one game for a Staged Fight and one game for Removing Opponent's Helmet. He is eligible to return Dec. 17
  17. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Indeed SF's Berdin is suspended for the back end of the back to back vs YT. He's suspended for ripping a players helmet off for this game but he later was kicked out for a spear and that is under review and he may be suspended for more games. So it's Stauber getting the start for SF while Peeters goes for the second night in a row for YT.
  18. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Ends 4-2, Stars........... I'll be watching a lot more Bucs action with the nice HD feed and Gislason doing really great work on the call but my takeaway from the couple I've seen since the switch to HD is the Bucs play a lot of east-west, a lot of fancy Dan, too many soft plays with the puck and as a whole poor puck management/decisions. At least 4-5 breakaways given up, maybe as many odd man rushes and to my eye it wasn't structural it was poor puck management. Credit to LIN though they are a very very good team. Beautiful 2-3-4 man aggressive forecheck, nice structure that frustrates, good size in the slots and show some finish. You earn your ice vs that group. Like the speed and skill of the Buc defense. They need to clean a lot up, take care of the puck better as a team but the trigger is there from the back end to play fast.
  19. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    20 seconds after the Bucs pull to within 1 they give it back. Bucs get control, a nice cross corner dump allows them to regain possession, worked back to Malinowski at the left point, he tries a 40 foot pass along the blueline to Ugbekile, read, picked by Mersch, he's off on the 5th or 6th LIN breakaway of the night, wrister up over the blocker, 4-2 Stars.
  20. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    At 15:09 Bucs get one back. FO in Stars zone, they work it out, Dornbach from just inside the Buc blueline wrists one, knocked down by a Buc Dman's skate with a nice tight gap, Halonen following immediately pounces, turns and starts transition along the left wall, chips it off the boards and around a LIN Dman up to Naprovnik for a 2 on 1, Nap in with Werbik, Nap keeps, fires from the slot, 3-2........
  21. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    The next shift after the LIN 3rd goal Malinowski joins in the Buc turnover parade and from behind the net his feed to his man in the SLOT while hounded by the very effective LIN forecheck, is picked by Ashbrook, grade a from the doorstep stopped by Snowden.
  22. USHL Picks 12/10 (Sunday)

  23. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Cedar Rapids was smothered by Dubuque’s defense in the first period only getting two official shots on goal and I believe on of them was a center ice dump in. Twin brother Blake playing his first game against Logan kept the Saints scoreless in the first. Achan puts the Riders third shot of the game in the net to start to second period and give CR a one goal lead. Shortly after he steals the put and sets up a cross ice feed to the new guy Granowicz, 2-0 with only 4 shots on goal. Those two quick strikes tipped the ice and the Riders offense kept their foot down the rest of the night. Roman Achan has been a huge pick up from the “junk pile” a free agent add from preseason roster cuts.
  24. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    :56 after the Stars take the lead they make the Bucs pay for one of their many turnovers. Neutral zone FO, LIn wins it, dump, from behind he net Brickey moves it up to Naprovnik along the left wall dasher, LIN flooding the zone with 4 men from the circles down, unforced from the wall at the circle Naprovnik tries to go 40 feet straight east to Dman MacKinnon, McCabe having left the end wall reads and picks the thing nicely, gathers, spins, shoots from between the circles, Slavin also coming out from the end wall tries to tip the thing but gets all off it, as it's falling back to the ice in midair Slavin beautifully whacks it backhand past Snowden.......... 3-1 6 minutes left in the 3rd.
  25. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Stars take the lead at 13:04 of the 3rd with the Buc 4th line out. Buc Dman MacKinnon made one of the many many Buc turnovers forcing Snowden to make a save, Bucs gather, take to the neutral zone, dump, change lines. From behind the net Dman Taravainen comes out, engaged by Manning, feed to his D partner Tuliara, he blows by the forecheck of Dickerson, skates it all the way into the Buc zone on the right side, gets a shot of from a bad angle deep, Mersch engaged at the crease nicely spins off the check and slams home the rebound. ...........2-1, Stars.
  26. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Manning getting 2nd unit PP time.
  27. USHL GDT (Saturday 12/9)

    Bucs tie it at 1 at 9:40 of the 2nd. Wall scrum in the Buc zone, they get it out nicely but contested to center ice, Werbik gets control being hounded, pass to Otto on his flank, enters the zone being hounded, gets a shoulder down, toe drags and lets one go from the high slot, Werbik driving the lane slams home the rebound from the paint.
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