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  2. USHL Picks 10/22 (Sunday)

    Green Bay 1 Fargo 2
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  4. Attendance

    Chip, comparing the AHL and USHL is apples to oranges. The USHL players live with fans, some go to school in the community, attend community events, are available to skate with after games and sign autographs and are kids and very approachable. AHL players are men and given the option would rather go to the tavern or home to their wife and kids after a game. To many it's a job ...... USHL players are wide eyed kids and most love the interaction with fans. And add everyone connected to a USHL team is approachable and available. Try emailing an NHL PBP guy or coach and see if you get a response but you will from USHL people. .... Fans want to feel a part of the team, have access and at this level that's very easy to do. Very fan and family friendly in every way. Indeed it's a more rootsy/organic/non-corporate feel. I have Chicago Blackhawk season tickets and only go to a handful of games a yr (my fist game this yr was to see the Oilers and McDavid live). But I like USHL games much much better, attend many more games than Hawk games in good part to the exuberance and spontaneity of USHL games. No corporate feel to the USHL. It's not big business ........ And I've found AA pro a more enjoyable experience than the NHL for the same rootsy feel you get at USHL games.
  5. Attendance

    Whitey, here is a link to team message boards. No idea if the links are current but you can try them and ask your booster club questions. Maybe that will help.
  6. Attendance

    You're comparing the AHL the 3rd best league on earth and a pro league to a Tier 1 jr league? Your disdain and disgust for anything Fargo Force has been well known since your initial post at FYC but even a comparison like the above is a new low for you as far as any attempt at objectivity.
  7. Playoffs

    Gonna be less players available at the TDL with 2 more teams in the playoffs and those who are available are gonna be expensive to acquire.
  8. 2017-18 Team Preview: Fargo Force

    And Iofallo is skating 1st line 16+ minutes a game, a +9 with Kopitar and Brown.
  9. USHL GDT (Saturday 10/21)

    Allison left the bench and went on to the ice immediately after the goal arguing that that time had expired.
  10. USHL Picks 10/22 (Sunday)

    Green Bay @ USA (U-17) .......... U17 2 Fargo @ Omaha ......................Oma 1
  11. Rosters

    Again, is he competing, moving his legs? At this level don't care how talented you are if you don't compete at near 100% you'll be exposed. Yes most of the USHL's best 19 yr olds are off to college but the residual effect is you have rosters full of hungry players full of energy and compete. Nobody cruising along thinking they should be at the next level but if they are still here and cruising along they will be ineffective. As the saying goes, talent beats hard work unless talent doesn't work hard. No matter Phillips would be coveted by most any team as they would feel they can "turn him around".
  12. Rosters

    Not unheard of. MUS Matt Ioceppelli set the USHL record for goals scored, drafted 3rd rd by the Blackhawks, next yr he was a -16 with 37 points. ....... Not always that the kid is in cruise control or that he's pissed he's not in the NCAA but there can naturally be a let down. Is Phillips still competing?
  13. USHL Picks 10/22 (Sunday)

    http://www.ushl.com/view/#/daily-schedule/2017-10-22?specialteams=false&league=1&season=62 Green Bay @ Team USA (U-17) Fargo @ Omaha
  14. USHL GDT (Saturday 10/21)

    When SC scored at the end of the 2nd I think Allison thought time had expired but refs said there was still 0.3 left and wouldn’t even review it. To be fair I thought the goal happened before the light came on but I would still like them to review it.
  15. 2017-18 Team Preview: Fargo Force

    And now a huge selfish turnover machine
  16. Rosters

    The kid can't even get out of his defensive Zone he's too busy stickhandling himself into a turnover..... I think getting drafted in the third round went straight to his head
  17. Rosters

    Phillips has played like crap....spears like Crosby and turns the puck over at the red line 9000 times in 3 games then WANTS A TRADE because he gets a reality check from the coach and a seat in the Press Box where he belongs... Send him to the NAHL
  18. USHL GDT (Saturday 10/21)

    Waterloo is a great team but the ONLY reason they got out of Sioux Falls with a win tonight is Moe. Mad props to him. Not even sure if he was supposed to play or not. Looked like Tomek got dinged during warmups. He robbed the Stampede at least a half dozen times in the first two periods. Another goal waved off for the Herd. Sounds like one of those plays where a big TD run gets called back for a holding penalty by a wideout on the opposite side of the field from where the ball was run. Acosta knocks the puck in and in the process of doing so also knocks the net off. From the replay the net was up, but didn't look like it was off, at least that we could see. No effect on the play but it's waved off. Could/should have been 3-1 SF early in the second. Could tell the boys were tired though, especially mentally. Brain fart for about 90 secs of game time early in the third and it goes from 2-1 up to 3-2 down. Credit to Waterloo for taking advantage of those lapses.
  19. USHL Picks (10/21)

    Rico 0 Maiden 17 CaseMag 13 Smalt21 13 MSgt 12 DMBucs 14 Captamer7 13 BigFoot 15 Seat 18 18 AyziggyZomba 11 hockeyboy 22 SaintsFan 22 0 EaglesFan 0
  20. USHL GDT (Saturday 10/21)

    Just curious what all happened with Allison getting ejected and everything. I only caught the last period.
  21. USHL GDT (Saturday 10/21)

    Ok so is it ok for a ref to look up at the video board and then use that to call a 5 min major and eject a guy? Just curious if everyone is cool with that or not?
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  23. Playoffs

    Playoffs?!? Don't talk about playoffs!!!! Lol.
  24. USHL Site Scoreboard Green Bay @ 17's Muskegon @ Youngstown Central IL @ Cedar Rapids Madison @ Chicago Fargo @ Omaha Des Moines @ Sioux City Waterloo @ Sioux Falls Lincoln @ Tri City
  25. USHL GDT (Friday 10/20 Recap)

    Green Bay 2 @ Youngstown 1 Lincoln 2 @ Cedar Rapids 4 Dubuque 2 @ Chicago 3 Central Illinois 2 @ Madison 5 Waterloo 4 @ Sioux City 1 Des Moines 4 @ Sioux Falls 3 (OT) Omaha 1 @ Tri City 4 Phantoms Site Phantoms fall 2-1 to Green Bay “I’m frustrated at this stage,” said Phantoms Head Coach Brad Patterson. “There were multiple mistakes that need to be shored up.” Stars Site Stars fight back, fall short Saints Site/Jordan Kuhns Steel Power Play Rises as Saints Fall in Chicago Steel Site Dugan and Autio lead Steel past Saints Aces Site Aces win streak snapped in Madison Caps Site Caps fly high Special teams played a massive role in the game. Not solely for the goals scored, but for the opportunities not converted. Specifically, the Flying Aces were 0-for-8 on the power play, while the Capitols were 2-for-7. McKay (2-2-0) earned his second win this season by stopping 16-of-18 shots. Stejskal (2-1-0) took his first loss of the season while stopping 19 saves on 23 shots. Notables: The Capitols won the first of four games against the Central Illinois Flying Aces…Left wing Mick Messner finally got on the scoresheet with his first point of the season with his second period assist…Defenseman Branden Suter tallied his first goal of the season…Goaltender Dryden Mckay recorded his second straight victory by allowing only two goals in both games. Bucs Site/Ben Gislason Bucs have final say in back and forth game, top Sioux Falls in OT Jake Kucharski gets his second win of the season in his best performance as a Buccaneer, spurning 35 of 37 shots from Sioux Falls. Jaxon Stauber picks up his first loss in his first start as a member of the Stampede, allowing four goals on a resounding 41 shot effort from Des Moines. Stampede Site/Jim Olander Stampede rally, fall short The Stampede rallied from a late two-goal deficit to tie the game and force overtime, but came up just short in a 4-3 loss to the Des Moines Buccaneers before 4,913 fans at the PREMIER Center on Friday night. Adam Dawe scored with 1:02 remaining in regulation to force overtime and tallied two goals on the night while Jaxson Stauber stopped 37 of 41 shots in his USHL debut. The Herd gained a point in the game and now stand at 3-1-2 on the season while Des Moines improved to 2-3-0. Lancers Site Storm top Lancers Storm Site Storm defeat Lancers
  26. Reading, PA - Derek Whitmore scored on a breakaway seven seconds into overtime to salvage a 5-4 overtime win for the Reading Royals (1-0-0-0) over the... - ECHL Reading Royals View the full article
  27. [ECHL]ECHL Transactions

    CONTRACTED PLAYERS RELEASED (eligible for waivers/waiver claims):Manchester:Tommy Kelley, FOTHER TRANSACTIONS:Allen:Add Joel Choui... - ECHL View the full article
  28. Loveland, CO.- The Norfolk Admirals, ECHL affiliate of the Nashville Predators, wrap up a five-game road swing on Saturday night in Colorado taking on... - ECHL Norfolk Admirals View the full article
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