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  2. USHL GDT (Tuesday 1/16)

    Des Moines has a busy week ahead of them... Tuesday @Lincoln Friday @Omaha Saturday Omaha Sunday Cedar Rapids
  3. Rosters

    I am so impressed with the style of hockey Tri-City applies every night. Aware netminders, defensive dmen and two way forwards. Great recipe
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  5. Rosters

    Dovorany was a centerman, but was placed on SE-IR last week. TC doesn't post lines, so I'm not sure what line he was actually on, but top two lines is my best guess. He's a very talented player that can make stuff happen. The Storm definitely took a hit losing him. If this Swede can come in and fill in aa a second or third line center, we will be sitting well for playoffs. He won't bump Madden, but I'm hoping he can compete with the others. Seems like some Swedes transition well, while others struggle for a bit. Will be interesting to watch. The Storm have finally been scoring a few more goals and we'll have Larsson back, so I like where we are sitting!
  6. USHL GDT (Tuesday 1/16)

    Lincoln Suspensions: Austen Long (Misconduct Accumlation) Mason Klee (Fighting Under Five Minutes) Christian Krygier (Fighting Under Five Minutes)
  7. USHL GDT (Tuesday 1/16)

    Link Des Moines @ Lincoln (7:05 PM CST)
  8. Dmbucshighlight Announcement

    Welcome back, Duck. Hope all is well.
  9. Dmbucshighlight Announcement

    Congratz DmBucs. Glad it worked out for you. I think that the two cease orders did not come from the same place. HockeyTV isn't losing any revenue. Their focus is on live streaming the game. If I remember right you can even post clips on your facebook account using it. Each of the organizations need to prioritize what's best for the Team. Part of that is a review about how different forms of media that the fans use is distributed. In the case with DMBucs people thought it was a lose lose but turned out to be a win win. The question came up about others posting. I really haven't had much time to post videos of the game....Occasionally I go live at the end of a game on Facebook (usually the last 2 minutes) but nobody has said anything to me yet about it. And yes after a couple year hiatus I'm back. Rico I like the way the board looks. Got a lot of catching up to do..... -Troy aka Ducktapensuprglue
  10. USHL GDT (Monday 1/15)

    Very depressing game for the Phantoms. U-18's puck handling and passing was just phenomenal compared to what the Phantoms could muster. And they came out fresh and with a lot of speed early. Phantoms looked lethargic and whiffed on so many passes in front of the net or in the neutral zone. Still, it was 'close' early. But, you knew who the better team was and the second period (with the 5-on-3 for U-18) proved it. Time to regroup. Tri-City Storm come to town this weekend for two.
  11. Interesting Scouting on Matiss Kivlenieks

    I forgot about that.
  12. CHL bans European goalies in 2014, so not sure Major Jr. was an option. "Starting with the 2014 import draft, goalies will be banned from the selection process and will have no other way to become eligible to play in the league. However, the two-player European limit will remain.The ban would not apply to European goalies already playing in the CHL. They will be allowed to remain with their teams and complete their junior eligibility."
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  14. Rosters

    Anytime a player goes on IR you can replace him in order to get to the 23 player max.
  15. Rosters

    Correct me if I'm wrong (and someone will, I guarantee it), but if a player is on season ending IR, the team can bring in a replacement either from the affiliate list or by signing a kid.
  16. Interesting Scouting on Matiss Kivlenieks

    If Kevin is suggesting that Matiss may have jumped too soon, then he's preaching to the World Choir. Matiss was commited to MSU Mankato... hardly a world beater in the NCAA. If anything, his performance there, even for one year, would have shown much more than what he did with the USHL. Not every dominant goaltender in juniors is a Tom Barrasso. If Matiss really wanted to go pro, he should've gone to Major Juniors. Come to think of it, poor Google abilities aside, how many goaltenders have ever done what Tom did (High school to NHL)?
  17. Rosters

    I know Dovorany has been hurt but is he gone? What's with replacing him?
  18. USHL GDT (Saturday 1/13)

    Difference being that I was going from memory and the PA guy has rosters written in front of him.
  19. USHL GDT (Saturday 1/13)

    Jaccob also spells his name with 2 C’s
  20. Rosters

    For the record today the Storm are in 16th scoring at 2.52 goals per game and 1st at 1.97 GA.
  21. Rosters

    Thanks for the correction, 16.......... Dovorany was a centerman? What line? ........ This could be even worse for the competition, the kid being a forward instead of a Dman, assuming the Swede is a center and can play top 9. .......Not like the top GA club in the league needs help on the back end.
  22. Rosters

    He's actually a forward. Hoping he can fill in the space left by Charlie Dovorany!
  23. USHL Picks 1/15/2018 (Monday)

    Rico 0 Maiden 0 CaseMag 1 Smalt21 1 MSgt 0 DMBucs 1 Captamer7 1 BigFoot 1 Seat 18 0 AyziggyZomba 0 hockeyboy 2 SaintsFan 22 0 EaglesFan 2
  24. Rosters

    Believe today is the deadline to trade an import and this kid is a Swede. Another with a lot of games in the Swedish SuperElit League.
  25. USHL GDT (Monday 1/15)

    A 3-4 pass out and up in flow ends with Wahlstrom beating Prosvetov from the right circle 1:03 in.......... DeRidder in for the U-18's.
  26. Rosters

    Wow. An 18yr old Dman with 85+ games in the SuperElit league after adding two top 6 forwards in Hentges and Madden. . Great find, Turk.
  27. USHL GDT (Saturday 1/13)

    On another humerous note...Josiah Slavin plays for the Stars. Jacob plays in the NHL. Name botching seems to be an easy mistake to make.
  28. Rosters

    elite prospects showing Swedish Dman, Jakob Ringsby, showing up with TC..... http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=287836
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